1/4 progressive, 1/4 techno, 1/4 dubstep & 1/4 rock metal…it’s Nuclear Madness, my new insane work. I composed and performed everything, from those rock guitars, to drums and synths. Then I mixed up alltogether like a mad doc 🙂

A few months ago, on this blog, i made a post called “Nuclear is madness” about how dumb I tought was this sort of “rebirth” of Nuclear Energy. Then came Japan disaster. I’m not suggesting to shut down all nuclear power stations, but building new ones is not the solution to our energy problems. Besides safety, my concerns are mainly about what to do with nuclear radioactive waste. There is still NO way to get rid of them, they’re just stocked somewhere and buried under tick concrete…this poses a great risk of an environmental disaster. I say let’s shift to renewable energies, solar energy above all. Nuclear is still madness.

Danny Darko – Nuclear (Is) Madness (demo cut) by Danny Darko – TheOfficial

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