ATTENTION: Danny Cannizzaro is THE SOLELY OWNER OF STARCHASER name with a legal agreement dated 12/4/2005 with former Starchaser members. Starchaser name is beeing illegally exploited by the other former members and a legal dispute is in course

Starchaser was originary a band of three members (Danny JC – Danny’s very first stage name , Speedcity, Fanizza). Starchaser debut single, “Love will set you free (Jambe Myth)” was one of the summer 2002 hits. The track sold 150.000 copies across the world, hit n.24 in Official UK Singles Chart, the video topped the charts of world tv music channel, the single licensed in more than 20 countries.”Falling Star” was the second single, made in collaboration with vocalist Steve Edwards, (the one of Bob Sinclar “World Hold On” ). Released iin late June 2003, where it reached n.37 in the official Italian Singles Chart, it was released in other 10 countries. In the same period, Starchaser remixed more than 15 projects from prestigious labels.

In April 2005, Danny left the production team “The Clubbers Production” and Starchaser band had to split. As a result of an agreement between the three members, Danny was granted the use of Starchaser, and gave up all other brands (including The Clubbers) he created or co-created since 1998. Three months later, in spite of any agreement and years of friendship, his former mates backstabbed him and started to release unauthorized tracks using his name Starchaser.


2002 – Starchaser “Love will set u free (Jambe Myth)”
2003 – Starchaser “Falling Star”
2004 – Starchaser “The Storm / Broken Bird EP”
2006 – Starchaser¬† “Sex Appeal”
2008 – Starchaser¬† “Myanmar”
2009 – Toni Lewis vs Starchaser “I love green”
2010 – Starchaser “Bad Boyz”


There are a few Starchaser singles around not produced by Danny and released by Starchaser former members violating regulations on intellectual property.