COLD HEART – a short film by Danny Darko (2018)

Short film, sci fi / drama COLD HEART (2018)
Clara is a woman without prejudices who lives in a world where human and synthetics beings live together peacefully. She decided to have a new cybernetic heart to stop suffering. Corporations like Cybersurgery are ready to satisfy her desire, as organ transplants have become increasingly popular. Some individuals, tough, see this as a threat…

[Sci Fi Short Film Drama] Cold Heart from Danny Darko on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “COLD HEART – a short film by Danny Darko (2018)

  1. Fabulous short! Beautifully crafted. The conversation between Doctor B and Claire’s brother was great; Doctor saying truthfully how he felt and the brother mistakenly assuming they were on the same page. Interesting glimpse into prejudice. Loved the twist at the end. Thank you for sharing! Blessings

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