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Let’s Un-Coal Facebook!

Facebook is valued 33Billion, but they can’t spend a few bucks to shift to clean (wind or solar, for example) energies for their business needs?! Come on … !!! They should drop coal and commit to 100 percent renewable energy, fu*k those old dirty smelly polluting fossil fuels. TAKE ACTION, follow the link below:

“Protect Earth’s Forests” supported by DJ Chuckie

Chuckie @ We Celebrate Life With House, Sensation Poland 2010-10-23 Tracklist / Playlist. Full Playlist
1 Yves La Rock – Untill Tomorrow ( Good Guys Remix)
2 NERVO – Irresistible (Chuckie & Klosman Remix)
3 Wippenberg – Pong (DBN Remix)
4 Chuckie & Hardwell – Move It 2 The Drum (Promise Land Remix)
5 Julie McKnight, Louie Vega, Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee – Diamond Life feat. Julie McKnight – Daddy’s Groove Magic Island Rework
6 Danny Darko – Protect Earth’s Forests (Original Mix)
7 Michael Mind – Gotta Let You Go