Talent Scout

I’m ¬†looking for talented singer/songwriters for featuring/collaboration (on my own songs) and possible management/production/development on a later stage.

If you are a dj/electronic music producer, please go to www.oryxmusic.net and submit your demo there.

Since I receive loads of collaboration requests, be sure to follow these guidelines.


1) Contact me only if you have something to listen to. Otherwise your mail will be ignored.

2) Always send at least one song/demo or streaming (youtube/soundcloud) links of your songs.

3) Acoustic versions/music submissions are much appreciated, with pianos or guitars. PIANO+ VOICE or GUITAR + VOICE. Help me evaluate better your vocal skills and if I’m inspired enough I could pick it up and work on it.

4) Include links to your artist social networks profiles /website

5) If you can shoot a professional¬†music video, it’s a big plus and it will immediately put you on top of my list.

6) Please, send good quality demos. Demos recorded with a webcam don’t really inspire me.