DEADLINE: 1st October 2018

Download Stems (acapella , tracks and midis)
– Create your remix
– Upload to soundcloud , name it Danny Darko ft Alisha Jade – Your Loving Arms (“Your Name” Remix)
– Send an email with link to your soundcloud remix to
– REmix will be added to a soundcloud public playlist after a few days you submit.
– Questions to:


Winner and will get an official release on Oryx Music and distributed to Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital stores. Winner will be extensively promoted by Oryx Music to blogs, djs, spotify playlists and on Beatport.

(important, read)

All genres allowed. Winner will be selected by a team including label and artist. We will also take into consideration the popularity reached on the web by your remix. The more you promote it, the more it can catch the attention of the judges. You are allowed to share the remix on YouTube for promo purposes, always include artist social links & iTunes buy link, even when you share it on SoundCloud. You are encouraged to send it to blogs and YouTube promotional channels. All remix submitted to the contest become property of Oryx Music, and by submitting your track and sending it to oryx music label, you accept this. No royalties will be due to the remixer in case the track will be officially released and distributed on stores.

Stems downloaded CANNOT be used on your own track. Remixes of Loving Arms not officially distributed by Oryx Music, CANNOT be released by yourself or any third party on stores or physical medium without authorization, if you do it you will be reported for copyright breach and a DCMA complaint will be filed against you / your label. You are ONLY allowed to share your mix on soundcloud / youtube with free download disabled until the end of the contest, always including original artist / label social links and link to the original track in the description.


download stems:

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