COLD HEART – a short film by Danny Darko (2018)

Short film, sci fi / drama COLD HEART (2018)
Clara is a woman without prejudices who lives in a world where human and synthetics beings live together peacefully. She decided to have a new cybernetic heart to stop suffering. Corporations like Cybersurgery are ready to satisfy her desire, as organ transplants have become increasingly popular. Some individuals, tough, see this as a threat…¬†

[Sci Fi Short Film Drama] Cold Heart from Danny Darko on Vimeo.

TOYS – Directed by Danny Darko (2017)

Short Horror Film – TOYS
My first short film, called TOYS, is out now!  Alice and Giorgio a young couple, are walking in nature, taking a break from their everyday busy life. But events will take an unexpected turn when Giorgio, who is a newbie photographer, decides to venture deeper into the nearby forest to take more pictures.

Short Horror Film – TOYS from Danny Darko on Vimeo.